About SOS:

SOS Study Abroad Center is a global entity, boasting a presence in Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Korea. Specializing in personalized counseling tailored to individual student goals, coupled with continuous in-Canada student management, SOS expertly guides students to successful academic pursuits abroad.

Global Network:

With over eight international branches and exclusive connections with more than 120 globally recognized colleges, universities, and postgraduate institutions, SOS facilitates seamless pathways for students worldwide aiming to study in Canada.

Collaboration Benefits:

  • For PathCAN: Engaging closely with SOS, PathCAN will acquire in-depth data and knowledge about international education. This invaluable insight will play a crucial role in refining and enhancing PathCAN’s AI-driven model, making the platform’s recommendations and guidance even more accurate and personalized for students plotting their educational journeys.
  • For SOS: SOS will significantly benefit from incorporating PathCAN's robust AI-driven recommendation system, providing their students with a highly personalized and efficient pathway planning and academic guidance experience. This technological collaboration enhances SOS's service delivery, making it a preferred choice for students plotting international studies.

Joint Objectives:

Through this collaboration, PathCAN aims to broaden its user base, tapping into the diverse and extensive network of students SOS caters to. This partnership not only extends PathCAN’s reach but also fortifies its data reservoir, subsequently refining the AI's predictive and analytical accuracy. For SOS, leveraging PathCAN’s advanced technology means providing an unprecedented level of service to students, equipping them with detailed, tailored information and guidance that significantly smoothens their transition into Canadian academic institutions. Together, PathCAN and SOS anticipate fostering a supportive environment where international students not only survive but thrive in their Canadian academic pursuits.



About DJC:

Diamond Journey is more than a digital library; it’s a beacon of joy for reading and learning within Vietnamese communities, serving audiences from preschoolers to university students. The platform aims to plant seeds of knowledge and nurture a humanitarian spirit, laying the foundation for a more enlightened society in Vietnam and, ultimately, for humanity at large.


Diamond Journey was established by Ms. Nguyen Chau Linh, a talented and successful businesswoman. The board of Diamond Journey is comprised of esteemed community leaders, including Dr. Do Vu Phuong Anh (Vice President of DOJI, which has ranked among the top five in VNR 500's list of Vietnam's Largest Private Enterprises for a decade since 2010), and Dr. Bui Quang Tuyen, the Director of Viettel Academy, a leading entity in Vietnam’s telecommunications sector.


Diamond Journey has made significant inroads into various Educational Boards across Vietnamese provinces. With a network of over 55,559 readers, affiliations with 300 high schools and universities, 150 scholarships awarded to outstanding readers, and the creation or co-creation of over 3,391 books, courses, and other materials, the platform is poised for substantial growth. Collaborating with more than 13 partners, Diamond Journey aims to engage 10 million readers and award one million scholarships to young readers across Vietnam.


The collaboration between PathCAN and Diamond Journey (DJC) is a synergy where each platform enhances the other’s capabilities and reach. Through API connectivity, DJC’s users can seamlessly access PathCAN’s extensive resources, services, and support. Conversely, PathCAN taps into DJC’s wide reach within the Vietnamese educational sector, gaining exposure to a network of over 55,559 readers and 300 high schools and universities. This collaboration facilitates the exchange and promotion of each platform’s unique offerings, fostering a dynamic user experience where students can smoothly transition between PathCAN and DJC resources. This integrated approach not only boosts user engagement and satisfaction but also significantly contributes to the growth of both platforms and the realization of their missions and visions in the educational landscape.


www.quickom.net & www.quickom.com

With its patented U.S. decentralized teleconferencing platform, revolutionizes the communication landscape by offering a platform designed for large-scale conferences, classrooms, and theaters. It's a unique solution that not only overcomes conventional communication hurdles but also introduces an array of blockchain-based services, including Web3, designed to expand business reach without initial investment, all the while minimizing costs.


The venture is spearheaded by Mr. William H. Nguyen, Ph.D., the founder of Beowulf Blockchain. With a decade-long history of entrepreneurship in fields like communication technology, education, and security, Dr. Nguyen has been pivotal in creating applications for business communication, media, education, and entertainment that serve tens of millions globally.

Market Presence:

Quickom.net is emerging as a robust Vietnamese alternative to platforms like Zoom and EventBright, providing over 2000 organizations, institutions, and event organizers with a platform to host a multitude of events, reaching over 100,000 participants monthly

Collaboration Benefits:

Aligning with Quickom.net offers PathCAN invaluable exposure to a broader audience, access to innovative communication technology, and a platform to host large-scale virtual events and conferences efficiently. This partnership will significantly enhance PathCAN's reach and user engagement, providing a seamless, interactive experience for users exploring education and immigration opportunities in Canada. On the flip side, Quickom.net will significantly benefit from PathCAN’s extensive network and content, especially in the education and immigration sectors. This mutual collaboration promises not only to extend each entity's user base but also to create shared value through a combination of unique services, contributing to a more connected and informed global community.




  • Launched in Vietnam in 2019, Hahalolo has over 8 million registered users and has secured the trust of hundreds of thousands of partners, ranging from airlines and travel companies to hotels, providing services and utilities across 192 countries and territories.
  • It is the pioneering Vietnamese brand to join the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA). With a commitment to promoting diverse cultures, it collaborated successfully with the SEA Games 31 organizing committee to spotlight the culture of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Following SEA Games 31, Hahalolo is on a trajectory to globalize its brand, with offices opening in India in August 2022 and in the United States in October 2022.

Opportunities of Partnership:

  • Mutual Growth: PathCAN and Hahalolo can leverage each other's user bases to expand their reach and influence, tapping into new markets and demographic segments.
  • Integrated Services: The partnership allows for seamless integration of services offered by both platforms, providing comprehensive solutions for international students.
  • Brand Enhancement: Collaborative marketing and co-branded initiatives will boost the reputation and visibility of both PathCAN and Hahalolo.
  • Service Expansion: With Hahalolo's extensive network of travel-related services, PathCAN can offer more value to its users, simplifying their transition and settlement process in new countries.




Gateway is a collaboration among organizations to better serve and support newcomers who choose to make Alberta their new home. Born out of the desire to improve the lives of newcomers in Calgary, Gateway ensures immigrants and refugees are connected to the best-fit programs and services to thrive in their new homeland.


Gateway, #1200, 910 – 7th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB.


The Gateway Executive Committee (GEC) provides strategic direction and governance decision-making. The GEC works to ensure funders and Gateway Partner Agency Council (GPAC) are aligned on vision, strategy, objectives, and activities.

Core Funder:

The initial Gateway project is funded primarily by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as a five-year pilot project. Immigrant Services Calgary was awarded funding from the IRCC to manage and facilitate the implementation of Gateway, in collaboration with Southern Alberta agencies.

Key Technology Development Partner:

Gateway is powered by “K2: Pathway to Settlement”, a custom configuration of Salesforce, the well known cloud-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) technology. K2 was developed, with funding from IRCC, as a Standardized Needs Assessment and Referral pilot project by the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario (YSWO) Settlement Services team. The K2 pilot has been operating in the Windsor-Essex region in Ontario since March 2020 with a collaboration of agencies branded the “WE Value Partnership”.

Key Consultant:

Finley & Associates enhances Gateway’s development and team through strategic leadership and advisory capacity.