Our Mission

PathCan Project is a dynamic start-up dedicated to bridging “the gap” between foreign countries and Canada identified below through education, culture, personal, and business connections.

Starting from Vietnamese market, our partnership with SOS International, Canada’s leading international study services company, allows us to provide Vietnamese students with affordable and personalized solutions to achieve their academic and professional goals in Canada. We recognize that studying abroad, particularly in Canada, can be a daunting process, and our mission is to simplify this journey by providing comprehensive and tailored learning experiences that address each student's unique needs and challenges.

Our Story

“We, the founders, witnessed the challenges and triumphs our own children faced as they embarked on the journey to study in North America. United by our diverse backgrounds, we created PathCAN to guide other students and parents along this significant path.

Our platform blends advanced technology with personal insights, stemming from our collective experience as mothers and professionals. We understand the needs, appreciate the opportunities, and are dedicated to providing personalized guidance.

We are PathCAN – your trusted partner in the quest for an enriching educational experience in Canada.”

Our Team

PathCan was born from the vision and collaboration of three dynamic women, each bringing distinct strengths, experiences, and a shared passion for supporting students on their journey to study in North America.

Ngoc Vo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With 23 years of executive management experience at Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Ngoc is the guiding force behind PathCAN. Her exceptional skills in people management, project coordination, and execution, along with her MBA in Finance & Marketing and Bachelor’s degree in Finance & English Language, have positioned her as a leader in driving the mission forward.

  • 23 years of executive management experience with Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT)
  • Exceptional people management, project coordination and execution skill
  • Managed over 25 people in her department
  • MBA in Finance & Marketing
  • Bachelor in Finance & English Language

Huong Vu

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A serial entrepreneur, Huong's 15 years of success in retail business ownership and executive consulting have translated into a unique understanding of the market. Her coaching skills, across 10 retail locations in Ho Chi Minh City, have brought about exceptional marketing and sales strategies for PathCAN. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration, Huong's insights are instrumental in positioning PathCAN on the global stage.

  • Serial Entrepreneur with over 15 years of successfully running retail business ownership and executive consulting practice.
  • Coach and a mentor for 10 retail locations in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Exceptional marketing and sales coaching skill
  • Bachelor in of Business Administration
  • English - Intermediate

Nhung Do

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Nhung's robust experience in managing complex operations, including founding and operating a hotel for over 8 years, has given her an invaluable perspective on customer service and adaptability. Her understanding of Import/Export and Logistics at Konoike Transport Company directly translates into managing international student transfers, accommodations, and related logistics. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Nhung's contributions ensure a seamless process for PathCAN's students.

  • Successfully found and operated a hotel for 8 years gives her a robust understanding of managing a complex operation, would be crucial for handling the recruitment and settlement network.
  • Customer Service Oriented with more than 8 years of operating a hotel.
  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving Skills with diverse experiences across different sectors, a key trait in a COO who will need to handle unexpected challenges.
  • Understanding of Import/Export and Logistic at Konoike Transport Company translate well into managing international student transfers, accommodations and related logistic in the settlement process.
  • Bachelor in Economics, University of Nha Trang Vietnam

DJC Projects

We at PathCan are proud to collaborate with Diamond Journey Corporation (DJC), a renowned organization dedicated to creating a wealth of knowledge for learners worldwide. United by shared objectives, we have embarked on a journey to develop a comprehensive document introducing Canada to the Vietnamese community.

The Diamond Journey Corporation brings together a diverse group of founders, advisors, experts, trainers, and dedicated young talents, all contributing to the creation of valuable learning resources. With their vast experience and our focused mission, we have managed to craft an informative guide to Canada, making the dream of studying abroad more accessible.

Just like DJC's digital library that never ceases to evolve, our collaborative document is dynamic. It will continue to be updated, refined, and perfected based on the real needs of schools, organizations, and direct learners, ensuring it remains a relevant and useful resource for those eyeing an educational journey in Canada.

We believe in the power of collaboration and look forward to receiving valuable feedback to further enhance this guide. Our goal is to serve both our domestic and international communities with the most beneficial and up-to-date informations.

View the project (En) View the project (VN)

Advisory Boards

Our Advisory Board represents a diverse blend of professionals, each offering their unique perspectives, wisdom, and expertise to steer PathCAN. Their guidance ensures that our mission aligns with the evolving needs of the global educational landscape.

Mr. Tristan Choi

Mr. Khai Le

Mr. Tuan Le

Ms. Loan Pham

Ms. Dao Nguyen


Our extensive partnership network comprises SOS, CEFALT, accommodation providers, travel and insurance providers, RCIC members, universities, colleges, and NGOs. These collaborations enrich our offerings and ensure that students receive a comprehensive, seamless, and personalized journey towards education in Canada.