PathCAN co-organizes the Brand Review Award contest

At 1:30 p.m. on October 28, 2023, PathCAN Academy Co., Ltd. attended the Announcement Ceremony of the Brand Review Award 2023 (B.R.A.) contest launched by Diamond Journey Corporation (DJC) in conjunction with Van Lang University, PathCan, NetVietTV organized the implementation and were media sponsored by Saigon Businessman Magazine. The award is also accompanied by departments, branches, Institute of Family History, ambassadors, media agencies, organizations, businesses and schools.

B.R.A. is an annual, prestigious award with a global scale. The award honors the brands of countries, families, business organizations and global celebrities and entrepreneurs who are recognized and loved by the community through quality, creative, and unique review publications. in the form of magazines, picture books, videos…

The award is also a place to nurture the elite young generation from 15 to 25 who love editing, design, communication… and like to explore the world through the path of knowledge and art. The award is also a place to help the young generation unleash their creativity, improve their thinking and affirm their talent when REVIEWING the story of the Nation Brand – Family Brand – Business Brand – Personal Brand.

● Prize purpose

+ Creating an intellectual playground, helping the young generation understand the importance of branding for each individual, each organization, each family and each country, thereby proactively preparing a brand building roadmap for self.

+ Build a Digital Library of a lifelong learning community on the DJC Web/App platform from quality contest products and copyrighted materials from experts, researchers, trainers and families. donate. From there, we gather and preserve traditional historical and cultural values, human knowledge and contribute to promoting a culture of reading and lifelong learning.

● Special features of the award

+ All instructional documents, exam entries, candidate profiles, and instructor profiles are posted on the DJC Web/App digital platform. The top 20 groups of award winners will be honored and receive lifetime brand communication domestically and internationally.

+ DJC official website:, DJC iso / android App (Heritage Bank).

Details of the contest have been communicated on mass media such as: